a service of TIB and BSB
realized by University of Bonn, TU Darmstadt and TU Graz
funded by DFG

goals of the project

Until now Librarian services are limited more or less to stocks of information, which are represented by textual documents. Key focus of the project PROBADO, "Leistungszentrum für Forschungsinformation" of the German Research Foundation (DFG), is the establishment and prototypical realization of library services for "general" document types. Thus the question, how different document types can be indexed semi-automatically, i.e. be enriched with semantics (e.g. meta data), be stored, searched and retrieved.

The focus within PROBADO is on two areas of application, which have already been worked on intensively by the project partners in their respective research activities within the context of innovative library services for many years:

●  3D-computer graphics (Prof. Fellner, TU Darmstadt/FhG IGD; Prof. Klein, Uni Bonn)
●  music (Prof. Clausen, Uni Bonn)

Goal of the project is to develop, construct, and operate services for the two areas of application mentioned above which are able to fully or partially open up different non-textual documents automatically, store, investigate, retrieve, and link them to each other - also across different areas of application - and to utilize them.

Responsible for introducing the competence of libraries into the service and for operating the service itself will be:

●   TIB Hannover, Direktor Uwe Rosemann: 3D-computer graphics
●   BSB München, Generaldirektor Dr. Rolf Griebel: music

Since beside these two still a lot of further application domains exist, where likewise complex documents are to be handled, a second substantial goal of the project is the development of tools, with which further application domains and document types can be tied up efficiently. The establishment of the service for 3D-computer graphics and music is thereby not only a benefit for the respective ranges of science; but will simultaneously be a prototype for developing further fields of science.