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realized by University of Bonn, TU Darmstadt and TU Graz
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innovative digital library services
for nontextual documents

Nowadays, in Digital Libraries, non-textual and multimedia documents are indexed and accessed based on textual meta data. This kind of meta data is expensive to obtain, and in many cases, the content cannot be described completely and free of ambiguities. The project PROBADO aims to overcome these limitations by developing content-based access and presentation methods for specific, selected types of non-textual documents. This goal is important due to the ever increasing amount of non-textual documents and the demand for novel accessing methods by users in the R&D and academic domains. PROBADO addresses the following Digital Library challenges:

●   Easy integration into existing library workflows
●   Persistent accessibility of documents by
      supporting persistent identifiers such as DOI
●   Simplified integration of external non-textual document repositories
●   Extensibility of the developed services for other engineering and
      technical disciplines and other document types
●   Modular and service-oriented system architecture

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PROBADO: Prototypischer Betrieb allgemeiner Dokumente (Prototypical Operation of Common Documents)