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PROBADO at heise.de
May 2012
On heise.de you can find 2 articles about PROBADO:
[Suche in 3D-Modellen und Partituren]
[Die textlose Findmaschine]

PROBADO 3D at "Berliner Bibliothekswissenschaftliches Kolloquium"
October 2011
The talk "Multimediale Objekte in Bibliotheken: Inhaltsbasierte Erschließung und visuelle Suche von 3D-Modellen" by Ina Blümel (TIB) will open the fall term series of lectures of "Berliner Bibliothekswissenschaftliches Kolloquium (BBK)". Tuesday, Oktober 18th, 2011, 18:00. Berlin School of Library and Information Science (IBI), Humboldt-Universität Berlin.
PROBADO-Musik at the Conference of the German Classification Society (GfKl)
August 2011
Probado-Musik at the Conference of the German Classification Society August 2011. "Innovative Erschließung und Bereitstellung von Musikdokumenten im Probado-Projekt". That’s the title of the lecture belonging to Probado-Musik at the 35th Conference of the Classification Society in Frankfurt am Main on 31st of August 2011.
PROBADO-Musik at the IAML conference 2011 in Dublin
July 2011
Probado-Musik at the IAML conference 2011 in Dublin Juli 2011. With a poster Probado-Musik presents itself to the about 350 attendants from about 30 different countries at the conference of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Music Documentation Centres (IAML) on 28th of July 2011 in Dublin.
Slides of PROBADO talks at the Bibliothekartag online now
July 2011
The slides of the two talks about PROBADO-3D and PROBADO-Music that Mrs. Blümel and Mr. Diet held at the 100th Bibliothekartag in June 2011 in Berlin are now freely available on the document server of the organizers of the Bibliothekartag:
[PROBADO-3D talk by Mrs. Blümel]
[PROBADO-Music talk by Mr. Diet]
PROBADO 3D search pages in english
June 2011
The PROBADO 3D search pages have been rebuilt for multilinguality. As a start an english version has been implemented beside the german.
[try PROBADO 3D search pages]
PROBADO 3D at ISI 2011
March 2011
On March 10 the poster "3D-Modelle in bibliothekarischen Angeboten" about PROBADO 3D was presented in a poster session at the International Symposium on Information Science (ISI 2011) at the University of Hildesheim.
PROBADO workshop at TIB Hannover
March 2011
On March 10 the workshop "Digitale Bibliothekssysteme für Musik und 3D Objekte" was held at TIB Hannover. In several presentations and discussions the participants from the librarian domain learned about PROBADO and possible ways to include it into their services.
PROBADO 3D at CeBIT 2011
March 2011
From March 1 to 5 PROBADO 3D was presented successfully at CeBIT at the joint booth of the universities of Lower Saxony. It attracted much interest. Many representatives from both business and academia as well as the Minister of Science and Culture of the state of Lower Saxony, Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, came to get informed about PROBADO 3D.
Two PROBADO presentations at the Bibliothekartag 2011
February 2011
During the 100th Bibliothekartag in Berlin on June, 9th 2011 from 16 until 18 o'clock a session on the topic "Inhaltsbasierte Erschließung und Suche in multimedialen Objekten" will take place. The agenda will contain among others two talks about the PROBADO-project entitled "3D-Modelle der Architektur - Erschließung und Suche mit PROBADO-3D" and "Innovative Erschließung und Bereitstellung von Musikdokumenten im PROBADO-Projekt". More information at http://www.bibliothekartag2011.de.