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OCR-based Post-Processing of OMR for the recovery of transposing instruments in complex orchestral scores
Thomas V., Wagner C., Clausen M.
Proceedings of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference(ISMIR) (to appear).
A Digital Library Framework for Heterogeneous Music Collections---from Document Acquisition to Cross-Modal Interaction
Damm D., Fremerey C., Thomas V., Clausen M., Kurth F., Müller M.
to appear in International Journal on Digital Libraries: Special Issue on Music Digital Libraries.
Efficient Retrieval of 3D Building Models Using Embeddings of Attributed Subgraphs
Raoul Wessel, Sebastian Ochmann, Richard Vock, Ina Blümel, Reinhard Klein
Technical Report number CG-2011-2, University of Bonn, Aug. 2011
Das Technologietransferprojekt PROBADO. Werkzeuge für digitale Bibliotheken
Ina Blümel
in B.I.T.online, issue 2/ 2011, pages 207-208
3D-Modelle in bibliothekarischen Angeboten
Ina Blümel, René Berndt
in Information und Wissen: global, sozial und frei?, Griesbaum, Mandl, Womser-Hacker (Editors), VWH, ISBN: 978-3-940317-91-9, March 2011, pages 498ff
Mate in 3D – Publishing Interactive Content in PDF3D
Frank Breuel, René Berndt, Torsten Ullrich, Eva Eggeling, Dieter Fellner
to appear in Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (ELPUB), 2011